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Rainy Days and Art Supplies

This is the time of year that I like to stock up on new art supplies. With all this gift shopping for others, it’s hard not to jump on sales and get some nice things for myself. I first learned how to paint using Liquitex Professional Paints, a spoiled perk of being in an advanced art program in high school. Yet, during college and the years after, I couldn’t justify blowing $10 per tube of my own money on the nice stuff anymore. That is of course not the problem on Black Friday! And I got 12 tubes for $45! Yeah, I am pretty proud of my new acquisition. Also picked up the lovely box table easel photographed below and bunch of new large sized canvases. All the other art supplies photographed, I’ve already had before. But on a rainy day like today, they were all just looking so pretty in front of the window that I had to photograph them too. Especially in the case of my Russian Watercolor Paint Set. A close friend from childhood brought them as a gift for me when she came to visit America a couple of years ago and I just love them. Actually, I haven’t used them yet as you might be able to tell. But their packaging makes me think of individually wrapped chocolate candies or something and I just can’t bear to unwrap and ruin them. Not to mention they are the only Russian Art supplies I own and I have a bad habit of treasuring things instead of using them sometimes… I’m working on it though. 

Notebooks and Flowersart supplies in apothecary jarsLiquitex Paint SetLiquitex Professional PaintsPaintbrushes and ball jar PaintbrushesArtist's Wooden Model and Box Table EaselBox Table Easel and Art SuppliesRussian Watercolor Paints Russian Watercolor Paints


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