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The Ghosts Outdoors

Deer_antlers_The Ghosts Outdoors_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Last night while I was on a Netflix binge watching The Killing, I decided to multitask by actively binging on all the newly released font downloads as well. Not to say that these are unusual activities for me, but this was however, the first time I took an interest in the Dingbats category. Dingbats, known as the “printer’s ornament,” are generally nothing more than small symbols used to dolly up a body of text with a fancy bullet or spacer. At least that’s how I’ve always thought of them. So why then were there so many options available in this outdated category? In today’s technology, who is using dingbats and how are they using them creatively? Right now I just think of them as nicely curated clip art packages but I’m eager on finding some creative uses for them in the future! Anyways, since the show I’m watching has a lot of empty/eerie lake scenes, it only made sense for me to dust off my Lake Anna, Virginia pictures from last year and add some Deer Dingbats as ghosts into the mix.  I’m lovingly calling these “The Ghosts Outdoors.” 

Deer_ghosts_Woods_Outdoors3_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Lake Anna_Outdoors2_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Lake Anna_Outdoors_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Woods_Outdoors_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Woods_Outdoors2_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

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Rainy Days and Art Supplies

This is the time of year that I like to stock up on new art supplies. With all this gift shopping for others, it’s hard not to jump on sales and get some nice things for myself. I first learned how to paint using Liquitex Professional Paints, a spoiled perk of being in an advanced art program in high school. Yet, during college and the years after, I couldn’t justify blowing $10 per tube of my own money on the nice stuff anymore. That is of course not the problem on Black Friday! And I got 12 tubes for $45! Yeah, I am pretty proud of my new acquisition. Also picked up the lovely box table easel photographed below and bunch of new large sized canvases. All the other art supplies photographed, I’ve already had before. But on a rainy day like today, they were all just looking so pretty in front of the window that I had to photograph them too. Especially in the case of my Russian Watercolor Paint Set. A close friend from childhood brought them as a gift for me when she came to visit America a couple of years ago and I just love them. Actually, I haven’t used them yet as you might be able to tell. But their packaging makes me think of individually wrapped chocolate candies or something and I just can’t bear to unwrap and ruin them. Not to mention they are the only Russian Art supplies I own and I have a bad habit of treasuring things instead of using them sometimes… I’m working on it though. 

Notebooks and Flowersart supplies in apothecary jarsLiquitex Paint SetLiquitex Professional PaintsPaintbrushes and ball jar PaintbrushesArtist's Wooden Model and Box Table EaselBox Table Easel and Art SuppliesRussian Watercolor Paints Russian Watercolor Paints




December 2013

Since we got lucky with a little snow fall here in the DC area, I was finally able to take a few winter-y pictures of the icy pine trees for the month of December. Too bad I was only outside for the duration of the time it took to heat up my car before I went into work. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to put my camera to practice this winter. In the mean time, please enjoy the free December desktop wallpapers I made with my photos!

Made for 1680 x 1050 screens.

Free December 2013 Wallpaper_1680x1050-01

Free December 2013 Wallpaper_1680x1050-02

 Taken with my Canon 30D. 50mm Lens.
Edited in Lightroom 4.



What better way to start a new site than with offering something free?
Below are two desktop wallpapers for the month of November.
Made for 1680 x 1050 screens.

November Calendar_Wallpaper_Keyzman

November Calendar2_Wallpaper_Keyzman

Photography Travel

Salty water and hot sand is good for the soul

So much for regular posts, I can’t believe I let over a week go by! In my defense though, I did runaway to Miami, Florida for an extended weekend. I can’t call it a vacation as it was far too short of a trip. That is the unfortunate side of being an adult and having a job, you’re expected to be at work and not tanning on the beach 🙁  Nonetheless, I didn’t waste my time there. I ate great food, checked out three different beaches and discovered that I might want to get into product photography… I’m not entirely sure how to get into that exactly, but it would be cool to take pictures of awesome accessories and then see those photos end up in fashion catalogues and websites! In the meantime, I will just continue to take lovely photos of my own jewelry collection and maybe build a portfolio!
Before you jump to any criticisms, let me just say I used my cellphone for 100% of my photos since I still do not have a DSLR…
{Crossing my fingers for my birthday next month though}
Sorry for the massive amount of pictures but I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them! 🙂
^ This is how I decide what to pack by the way… and now onto my Florida Adventure:
I couldn’t help myself while editing, the heart shaped ring just made so much more sense to be surrounded by pink sand and seaweed… Don’t you think?