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Salty water and hot sand is good for the soul

So much for regular posts, I can’t believe I let over a week go by! In my defense though, I did runaway to Miami, Florida for an extended weekend. I can’t call it a vacation as it was far too short of a trip. That is the unfortunate side of being an adult and having a job, you’re expected to be at work and not tanning on the beach 🙁  Nonetheless, I didn’t waste my time there. I ate great food, checked out three different beaches and discovered that I might want to get into product photography… I’m not entirely sure how to get into that exactly, but it would be cool to take pictures of awesome accessories and then see those photos end up in fashion catalogues and websites! In the meantime, I will just continue to take lovely photos of my own jewelry collection and maybe build a portfolio!
Before you jump to any criticisms, let me just say I used my cellphone for 100% of my photos since I still do not have a DSLR…
{Crossing my fingers for my birthday next month though}
Sorry for the massive amount of pictures but I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them! 🙂
^ This is how I decide what to pack by the way… and now onto my Florida Adventure:
I couldn’t help myself while editing, the heart shaped ring just made so much more sense to be surrounded by pink sand and seaweed… Don’t you think?

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