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The Ghosts Outdoors

Deer_antlers_The Ghosts Outdoors_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Last night while I was on a Netflix binge watching The Killing, I decided to multitask by actively binging on all the newly released font downloads as well. Not to say that these are unusual activities for me, but this was however, the first time I took an interest in the Dingbats category. Dingbats, known as the “printer’s ornament,” are generally nothing more than small symbols used to dolly up a body of text with a fancy bullet or spacer. At least that’s how I’ve always thought of them. So why then were there so many options available in this outdated category? In today’s technology, who is using dingbats and how are they using them creatively? Right now I just think of them as nicely curated clip art packages but I’m eager on finding some creative uses for them in the future! Anyways, since the show I’m watching has a lot of empty/eerie lake scenes, it only made sense for me to dust off my Lake Anna, Virginia pictures from last year and add some Deer Dingbats as ghosts into the mix.  I’m lovingly calling these “The Ghosts Outdoors.” 

Deer_ghosts_Woods_Outdoors3_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Lake Anna_Outdoors2_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Lake Anna_Outdoors_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Woods_Outdoors_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

Deer_ghosts_Woods_Outdoors2_CreativeWander_Yelena Keyzman

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